Lyon County Farm to School

Inspiring the next generation of growers and eaters.

Not every student is going to grow up to be a farmer, but we believe that EVERYONE should understand where their food comes from and make healthy choices about how to fuel their bodies.

That’s why we’re excited to create a community of teachers, community members, and school administrators who share a common goal of helping kids develop healthy eating habits.

We’re committed to creating engaging, hands-on learning experiences that connect students to the earth, their food, and each other, all while integrating classroom concepts in subjects from language arts to STEAM!

What you can do to help?

Support our School Gardens

The school gardens in Lyon County are always looking for ways to grow: new garden beds, hoop houses, critter-proof fencing, interpretive signage and more! Consider adopting a school garden as a business or individual! We would be happy to connect you with a garden that could use your volunteers or donations of lumber, garden tools, seeds, and more! Monetary contributions are also gratefully accepted.

Our school garden program is part of our 501(c)3 non-profit organization and a donation letter will be provided to those who provide financial or in-kind contributions.

Get Involved

Contact for more information on how.

Love working with kids? Provide hands-on assistance in the school gardens by becoming a School Garden Champion! These amazing volunteers serve as mentors, help organize and lead garden projects, and work side-by-side with our youth.

Subject matter experts, such as farmers, Master Gardeners, dietitians, arborists, apiarists, entomologists, and others who can provide mentorship and instruction to teachers and students are encouraged to participate! This is an incredible opportunity to share your skills and grow the next generation of growers and eaters.