Desert Treasure Exhibition with Alice Cazenave

December 11, 2022 @ 1:00 pm 3:00 pm PST

For adults:

Pop-Up Show & Artist Talk with Alice Cazenave of England, Sunday Dec. 11 at the Silver City Schoolhouse. Doors open at 1pm; Alice talks about her PhD research and her photographic artwork at 1:30pm.

Free, public event sponsored by the Resident Artist Program in Silver City. Alice will be showing a series of miniature pinhole photographs documenting Silver City and its surrounding landscapes.

The series was developed in rabbitbrush and sagebrush chemistries. Alice will also be showing a series of lumen prints, 35mm film processed in rabbitbrush, and pennies plated in silver extracted from waste photographic chemistry. 

During her two-month residency with the Resident Artist Program, Alice has been exploring historical connections between silver extraction on the Comstock, and early analogue photography (silver is used to coat photographic film and papers). She has been making photographic chemistries out of desert plant species, including rabbitbrush, which grows abundantly in alkaline soils typical of ex-mining sites. She has been using these to develop films and photographs. Through this work, she investigates the roles of ecologies in enabling photographic industries, through the minerals they produce and pollution they absorb.

*Cookies, hot cider and light refreshments will be offered.