I. Introductions and Announcements

Thursday, August 10, 2023 at 9:00 am
Location: Via Zoom

Traci Rothman HCC Pantry Lead

  • Shout out to the volunteers who do the delivery from FBNN every week without complaint. Very grateful to the six of them.

Jenny Claypool NVCHWA (Nevada Community Health Workers Association) Contract Coordinator

Jeff Sater – HCC AmeriCorps Program Director

  • Everything with HCC’s new AmeriCorps program is going well. Recruiting for financial literacy focused AmeriCorps program through HCC. Details about position: READ MORE

Lisa Selmi – HCC Deputy Director

  • Lisa reported that HCC staff are deep in planning Drive Out Hunger golf tournament. She requested for partners to please share their agencies’ flyers so HCC can help share their info and spread the word about their events/ programs.
  • Golf fundraiser: all sorts of prizes including tickets to 2024 Burning Man and Night in the Country, 2023 tickets to see REO Speedwagon at Nugget, etc. Lisa noted that there are great prizes; now what we need are golfers.
  • Lisa explained that HCC doesn’t have grant funding for the three HCC food pantries and FBNN is struggling this year to fill the need.

Kim Donahue – VA SNHCS: US Dept. of Veteran Affairs outreach specialist at SNHCS in Reno

  • Kim noted that the PACT Act deadline has been extended. This is good news and she will share flyers related to this.

Mike Timmerman – VISTA AmeriCorps, Dayton NV.

  • Mike noted that he has finished his volunteer manual and it is being reviewed.
  • Mike’s joke for the month: “What did the grape say when it was stepped on? Nothing, it just let out a little whine.”

Steven Harris – Currently between jobs, interested in working with nonprofits.

  • Now training with Samantha Rambeau of CCI.

Justin McIntosh – HCC Farmers Markets Manager

Sunshine Conchola – HCC Community Health Worker (CHW) at Yerington Food Pantry

  • Completing her CHW certification next week.

Tara Burrows – HCC Grants Manager

Jessica Harris – Case manager for CCI,

  • Starting next week will be Safe Schools Professional in Storey County schools.

Kodi Dettling – HCC Program Manager

  • Getting prepared to provide fluoride and sealants to students in Lyon schools.
  • Wendy noted that Kodi secured additional grant funding for this.

Jim Richardson – NV Dept of Veteran Services, outreach services in Nevada (covering region from Tonopah north).

  • Noted that if a Veteran is not prepared to file by any deadline the VA sets, they can file an Intent to File VA Form 21-0966, this form gives the veteran 12 months to complete the claim filing.
    Here is the link

Mary Paredes – HCC Resource Coordinator located at Cottonwood Elementary in Fernley.

CJ Johnson – APS Community Outreach Coordinator

Phil Wooley – HCC Volunteer Coordinator | Desert Pigs President

  • Led staff with Nation’s Finest Veterans Services to connect some Dayton area unhoused veterans with services/housing (the organization supports “America’s military Veterans and their families with a comprehensive approach to housing, health, and employment”).
  • Wendy noted that LCHS, HCC and VIPS are teaming up to help reach unhoused folks to connect them with services, referrals, medical needs, clothing, shoes, housing, etc.

Patty Sanborn – HCC Resource Coordinator

  • Welcomed Justin Zuniga of HCC who has begun assisting the Comstock Youth Works (CYW) team this summer.

Justin Zuniga – HCC Resource Coordinator

  • Will be camping out in Yerington at the park for the Third Annual Remembrance Run, a two-day, 50-mile journey from the Yerington Paiute Reservation to the Stewart Indian School Cultural Center & Museum, August 11-13, 2023. This event is hosted by Kutoven, Delmar, and Misty Stevens to honor the children who survived the Indian boarding schools and to remember those who never came home, including Frank Quinn, a Stewart survivor and Kutoven’s great-grandfather who ran away from Stewart three times to Yerington. The runners will finish at Stewart where they will leave offerings at the Stewart cemetery and take part in a dinner with singers, hand drums, dancing, and cultural activities. Details

Brooke Sterns – Community Chest, Inc. (CCI). – CHW and Safe School Professional with CCI, based in Mineral County, NV.

Noël Chounet – Outreach and Prevention Director

  • HCC, supports HCC’s Safe Schools Professionals and does prevention with HCC.
  • Notes that she got to work with CYW interns in person recently. She found the experience to be a great affirmation as to “why we’re here for kids.” She expressed gratitude to Safe Schools Professionals for being “by the kids’ sides in school and often outside school as well.”
  • Noted that this September the “Too Good For Drugs” prevention program coming to Lyon.

Norma Espinoza – HCC Resource coordinator in Fernley

  • Looking for donations of jeans and pants for the clothes closet at the school.

Tanaya Smith – HCC Resource coordinator in Yerington

Dena Mattice – Yerington community health nurse,

  • Noted the nurses are working on back to school immunizations.
  • Her office is currently still covering the Fallon and Hawthorne clinics as well.

Linda Flaherty – HCC RHNI team manager (Rural Health and Nutrition Initiative).

Rosie Hernandez – Regional Manager for JOIN, Inc. in Carson City

  • Noted they have moved into the Carson City Job Connect and are accepting new clients for their new program year. MAP

Samantha Rambeau – Adult Works of CCI Case Manager

Cherilyn Rahr-Wood, – Regional Behavioral Health Coordinator, Nevada Rural Hospital Partners.

  • Cherilyn thanked Noël for acknowledging Nevada’s Safe Schools Professionals. “Nevada is divided into five distinct behavioral health regions that are overseen by Regional Behavioral Health Policy Boards. A primary goal of the Regional Behavioral Health Policy Boards is to enable stakeholders to develop a shared understanding of the behavioral health issues facing each region, allowing for more effective planning and resource distribution across the state. Each Board is supported by a Regional Behavioral Health Coordinator position, funded through federal block grants and positioned with a county or community agency depending on the region.”
  • More Information

Quest Lakes – HCC Media Relations Coordinator

  • Assisting with prevention outreach and AmeriCorps and VISTA AmeriCorps

Terry Yeater – HCC fiscal assistant

Ashle Doran – HCC, Safe Schools at DHS and summer lead for CYW program

Lani Von Linsowe – HCC Safe Schools Professional

Katie Doggett – Safe Schools Professional and Project Success Counselor with CCI

Miranda Wyman – Storey County Senior Center Site Manager

  • This is her first meeting and she thanked HCC for the welcome. To see monthly menus and activities, see their Facebook page or go to storeycounty.org.

Yesenia Hernandez – HCC Safe Schools Professional at Silverland Middle School in Fernley

  • She gave a shout out to team members of HCC’s CYW team, and thanked Noël for jumping in this summer with additional support.

Lisa Godenick – NVCHWA Program Coordinator

  • HCC, Works with HCC’s NVCHWA on data and under a Resilient Behavioral Health grant.

Susana Arellano-Ascencio – HCC Social Worker in Yerington schools

Kelcy Meyer – State of Nevada Aging and Disabiltiy Services Division (ADSD) Northern Regional Coordinator

  • Offering outreach with community providers to find gaps in services for those with disabilities and those who are seniors.

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