HCC Public Meeting Minutes

Thursday, August 10, 2023 at 9:00 am
Location: Via Zoom

Healthy Communities Coalition is an equal opportunity provider and employer.

Common Agenda + Multiple Sectors = Collaborative Impact.

The Healthy Communities Coalition is a collaboration of people who dream of a future where all have the opportunity to live healthy, vital lives.

How do we “reverse engineer” to get to that preferred future? By supporting resident-centered change, stimulating active citizenship, strengthening resident-led organizations, and by practicing acceptance and love rooted in the belief that each and every person has a unique and important gift to offer.

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Mike Timmerman, Kim Donohue, Lisa Selmi, Brooke Sterns, Jenny Claypool, Steven Harris, Traci Rothman, Wendy Madson, Jeffrey Sater, Sunshine Conchola, Mary Paredes, Justin Zuniga, Terry Yeater, Samantha Rambeau, Rosie Hernandez, Norma Espinoza, Jim Richardson, Tanaya Smith, Kodi Dettling, Jesus Santos, Tara Burrows, Phil Wooley, Noel Chounet, CJ Johnson, APS Community, Lisa Godenick, Kelcy Meyer, ADSD, Cherylyn Rahr-Wood, Jessica Harris, Heather Smith, Yesenia Hernandez, Miranda Wyman, Lani von Linsowe, Dena Mattice, Patty Sanborn, Linda Flaherty, Susana Arellano-Ascencio, Lorena Castaneda, Justin McIntosh and Quest Lakes