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Now Hiring

HCC AmeriCorps Literacy in Financial Thinking Member

Make a difference in your community by helping youths, teens and adults gain financial literacy. Become an AmeriCorps member and help your community with Literacy in Financial Thinking (LIFT). Members will receive professional training related to their service activities as well as personal and professional development and an education award for future higher education or to pay off existing higher-education debts. Members serve as financial literacy trainers, under the supervision of Healthy Communities Coalition of Lyon and Storey Counties (HCC) and HCC AmeriCorps host sites. HCC is a diverse, equitable, and inclusive organization welcoming to all.  An interest in learning about and helping others learn about financial literacy is essential. 


The primary purpose of the HCC AmeriCorps’s-LIFT program is to place AmeriCorps members in host sites across Nevada to perform educational service that strengthens the underprivileged community in the areas of Literacy in Financial Thinking. Full-time AmeriCorps members will serve approximately 35 hours per week (Avg) and complete 1700 hours of service. Part-time AmeriCorps members will serve approximately 20 hours per week (Avg) and complete 900 hours of service. 

Specific Duties  

  • Complete the 10 training modules of the FDIC Money Smart curriculum
  • Create a weekly training schedule for the 3 age specific financial literacy courses (children, teens and adults) and use pre and post surveys to measure results
  • Participate in bi-monthly 1-on-1 training with the HCC AmeriCorps Program Director
  • Partipate in bi-weekly Teams meetings with the entire group of AmeriCorps LIFT members
  • Complete CPR/ first aid training  
  • Complete Nevada Community Health Worker training

Preferred Skills  

  • Strong writing skills
  • Ability to work as part of a team and individually  
  • Interest in financial literacy 
  • Background in teaching is a plus

AmeriCorps Member Position Description 

Primary Functions  

  • Complete the financial literacy curriculum FDIC Money Smart and then train community participants in financial literacy and set up a class schedule for weekly classes. 
  • Participate in bi-weekly Teams meetings with the entire LIFT team and Program Director   
  • Assist economically underserved communities to access conveniently located education on topics such as banking, budgeting/spending habits, money saving, borrowing, credit and investment.  
  • Teach age-appropriate (FDIC Money Smart) Literacy in Financial Thinking curriculum to host site target audience with an emphasis on people living economically underserved.  
  • Participate in one stand-alone outreach event promoting financial literacy education.  
  • Training in timesheet requirements and training for data input from pre/post surveys of participants taking part in financial literacy education.  

Secondary Functions  

  • Participate in providing assistance for weekly activities specific to each individual host site.  
  • Complete the Community Health Worker training provided at no cost, through the Nevada Community Health Worker Association.  
  • Attend community meetings, HCC staff meetings, member development training and all other training and professional development. This may require travel outside the normal service area. 
  • Participate in community meetings and conduct outreach through service site partners.  
  • Assist in the collection and entry of data and relevant information from pre/post surveys and follow-up phone surveys that will help support our performance measures to support/improve local financial literacy.  
  • Participate in one day of National Service and other requirements of the AmeriCorps Program. 

To Apply or learn more, contact Jeff Sater, HCC AmeriCorps Program Director

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