Spring Has Sprung… FINALLY!

In our last newsletter, Mother Nature told me that spring is coming, and she did not lie . . Who is NOT feeling better and loving the sun and warmth? We know that our trees, plants, gardens, etc. are loving it!

We would like to start out with some dates to put on your calendar for this coming May (just one more school month!). 

There will be a Seed Swap and lesson at the Dayton Solidarity Garden on May 24th from 3 – 4pm. Bring your friends! 

On May 16th from 10am – 1pm. at the Carson City Capitol building with the legislators, there will be the first EVER northern Nevada Student Farmer’s Market.

At this point, we have RES, Sutro, DIS, and DHS students attending and they will be showing off their entrepreneurial skills by marketing, selling, and building relationships. We have an Amador bus paid by Green Our Planet and still have a few more spots left on this bus. If you would still like to attend, contact Linda Flaherty at linda@hcclsc.org.

We will be starting our Dayton Farmers Market (next to Pizza Factory) starting in June and going through September.

In addition to HCC selling items, we hope to have some LCSD students selling their garden items and/or any craft items, marketing material made, wood items, and really anything they would like to sell is a GO!

A big THANKS to Smith Valley Schools, YHS, FHS, Silver Stage Elementary, Middle and High Schools, DHS, and Sutro hosting all the Dayton elementaries for inviting us to your Career Fairs! Students learned how to grow wheat grass, the difference between good and bad bugs, and most importantly, careers related to HCC/RHNI and farming and gardening careers – very important at this time due to a farmer and water shortage.

We are continuing to give gardening, farming, and STEAM lessons in the schools. SSMS, SSES, Sutro, Boys and Girls Club, and RES. Remember, when school begins again, we offer classes to ANY LCSD school – no teacher prep needed!

Hot Tip:

Summer is finally almost here and with summer comes planting summer crops. In northern Nevada and with its cold, freezing winters, our growing season usually starts around May 15th and usually ends around September. If you like to start earlier, you will need row cover. You can cover your plants with anything, but you have to keep them from freezing!