Bombas donates thousands of socks for communities in Lyon County region

Healthy Communities Coalition of Lyon and Storey Counties (HCC) has received a donation of 5,000 socks from Bombas to provide to members of our community who are in need. “We are very grateful that Bombas chose HCC as a giving partner! Their socks are making a huge impact in our region’s schools and communities for the second time in three years,” said Noel Chounet, Outreach and Prevention Director with HCC. “We are super grateful for their partnership and hope to continue it in years to come.”

HCC is one of @BOMBAS 3,500+ national Giving Partners who provide their socks to our community through schools and our food pantries in Lyon County. See the impact, Bombas mission, and the collective work of organizations like ours at:

About Bombas: “Bombas is a comfort-focused, digitally native brand that provides elevated basics and helps those in need. The company was originally founded in 2013 because socks are the most requested clothing
item at homeless shelters. Underwear and t-shirts are second and third respectively. While the brand started with and is known for its extremely comfortable socks, Bombas used its expertise in comfort to launch into apparel with t-shirts in 2019 and most recently, underwear in 2021. For every item purchased, a specially-designed item is donated to the homeless community. To date, Bombas has donated more than 45 million items to those at-risk, in need, and experiencing homelessness.”