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HCC Oct 8th Meeting Cancelled, But Come See RAM Set-Up!

HCC Oct 8th Meeting Cancelled, But Come See RAM Set-Up!

The Healthy Communities Coalition meeting this Thurs, October 8th, is cancelled as it conflicts with set-up times for Remote Area Medical in Yerington.

However, please do come out to the Boys and Girls Club in Yerington where you can either help with RAM set-up starting at 9am, or just observe the amazing transformation of the BGC into a temporary medical clinic. We’re encouraging people to take a selfie with one of the RAM semis, and post their photos to Twitter/Instagram/Facebook to remind people that RAM comes to Yerington this Fri-Sun.

Another way to help is to share the link to the press release below, which has details about when and where patients can get services in Yerington & Carson, and details about how to register online as a volunteer.

Why is RAM Important? RAM puts volunteer and donation efforts on “steroids” with the ability to serve more than 600 people per day, and to provide dental and vision services for about $15 per individual. To make the events even more impactful, local agencies will connect patients to local follow-up care if needed, and to local programs they qualify for but have been unaware of.

Details for patients can be found at the press release below: