Families with Young Children—We Need You as Partners

There’s no time like the present—join us in getting your child ready for school and ready for learning!

Who is sponsoring this message?

The Health and Wellness Hubs in the Lyon/Storey Counties Region, which is funded in part from a Safe Schools/Healthy Students federal grant through SAPTA and Healthy Communities Coalition.

The Health and Wellness Hubs in the Lyon/Storey region is conducting an outreach campaign to all families with children 0-3 years of age. We will be offering FREE developmental screens at various events and upon request. We will provide immediate results to parents, some recommendations for you to be the best first teacher for your own children, and, if needed, referrals to local community support and health services.

We are reaching out to the community at large—through community reader boards, local sandwich boards, schools, libraries, senior centers, FaceBook, retail sites, and sports events—so that everyone who knows a family with a young child can tell them about the importance of Developmental Screens: There’s no time like the present—Join us in getting your child ready for school…ready for learning!

We will be at many community events, and will also schedule hours later this summer to be available through our partner organizations such as Community Health Services offices, Lyon County Human Services, Renown’s Rural Health Center and Urgent Clinics, etc.


Call today for a developmental screen if it has been more than 6 months since your child was last seen by a community health nurse or a physician.

Call to find out where and when we’ll be in your community!

Get information from our many outreach locations and learn more about the importance of having your child screened.
Look for the postings on our Facebook page about events where we’ll offer developmental screens so you can attend one in your area OR call Christy at the Healthy Communities Coalition today to find out where these developmental screening events are located and schedule an appointment with one of our screeners: 775-246-7550.

Why is this important?

Whether your child is an infant or enters school in the fall, we are here to partner with you in making sure your child has the supports and resources they need to make a successful transition to school when the time comes.

Each step of the way—every month, every year counts! From the moment of birth, children are learning and developing and exploring their world. As caregivers—family members, service providers, and neighbors—we want to make sure that your child—all our children—have every opportunity to develop to their highest potential. We are here to help you learn how your child is developing by providing screening and recommended supports and services.

Developmental Screening

Every child is unique and develops on his or her own timeline. But there are typical developmental milestones that are important to taking the next step and being ready to learn. The Ages and Stages Questionnaire, or ASQ, is a screening tool that gives you a snapshot of how your child is developing across a number of areas—cognitively, physically and socially and emotionally…everything that it takes to insure your child can reach her/his full potential and be ready at each stage of growth. Many of our group partners, like the school district, Community Health Nurses, the Classroom On Wheels (COW) Bus, Nevada Early Intervention Services, and some of the child care centers in the region—have been offering developmental screens for years. However, we have not reached as many families as we’d like, and know that when children are screened, their chances of receiving the support and services they need increases and so do their chances of being ready for school when the time comes.

We are the Health and Wellness Hubs in the Lyon and Storey regions. We represent a group of regional community organizations dedicated to improving access to health care and improving the health and well-being of our residents across the lifespan—from birth through old age. We aim to educate and empower our community members so that everyone has the information needed to make healthy choices and manage their own health.

Together we can educate our children and our communities and insure that every community member has the tools, the information, the access and support they need to take charge of their lives, make healthy decisions and manage their health—to get healthy and stay healthy.

To learn more about the Healthy Communities Coalition of Lyon and Storey Counties and the Health and Wellness Hubs, phone Christy McGill at 246-7550, or check out our website  (healthycomm.org). You can also find daily updates on our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Healthy-Communities-Coalition-of-Lyon-and-Storey/111359025616363

Everyone is always welcome at Healthy Communities’ monthly, public meetings on the 2nd Thursday of each month at 9am when we discuss the Health and Wellness Hub and many other strategies and issues of regional importance.  We hope you will join us at the next breakfast meeting!