You are invited

What do you get when you mix Food Security, Health, Citizens, Schools, Mental Health, Farmers, Teachers, Students, Art, Healthy Eating, School Gardens and the total belief that people or communities do not have to be monetarily wealthy to be AWESOME, HEALTHY and INNOVATIVE? You get the Thrive Conference in Lyon County.

Our speakers are students and professionals both local and national, but they all have one common theme. They are going to ask you for a day to think differently about what we do with our daily life and how WE are the solutions—yep not government alone, not schools alone, not one non-profit alone, not one leader—all of us and YOU. Yes you and your community are going to be the ones to make this region a place where people thrive.   So came and just experience each other and our speakers—come when you can and leave when you have to–there are no rules to this conference except enjoy the connections and experience—also RSVP by Monday the 15th so we don’t run out of food. No you don’t have to be from Lyon County to attend—we need our regional partners too.

Friday Sept 19th  from 9-3pm
Silver Stage High, 3755 W. Spruce St, Silver Springs NV
Free but we are accepting a $10 donation or whatever you can afford for lunch
RSVP to or 246-7550 or this email by Monday the 15th.

Check out the program here THRIVE Program 2014, and feel free to bring colleagues and friends—have them RSVP too—Freida is always worried about running out of food.
If you need, bring a pillow to sit on, the chairs are hard—remember this is a school—no fancy chairs here.